Remove packaging and trim the stems. Bouquets are usually delivered in water, so you should do this over a sink.
Always make sure your vase is thoroughly cleaned so that there is no bacterial contamination from previous use.
Cut approximately 1 cm from the ends of the stems at an angle. This helps the stem suck up the water.
Fill your vase to 3/4 full with fresh tap water then add the flower food (except for tulips which requires only 1/4).
Do add flower food to prolong the life of your flowers (except for tulips). Always follow exactly the guidelines on the back of the sachet.
Remove any foliage which lies beneath the water as they will cause bacteria to grow in the water.
Display in a cool location away from draughts, direct sunlight and heat.
Refresh flowers after 2-3 days, remove any drooping flowers or foliage, re-cut the stems and replace the fresh water.


Keep the compost moist. Avoid over-watering, draughts and direct sunlight. 
Remove faded flowers to prolong flowering.
Feed plants fortnightly with liquid plant fertilizer during spring and summer. 
Protect non-hardy plants from frost. 
Carefully remove stamens from any newly opened flowers and avoid direct contact.
Keep flowers out of reach of children and pets. 
"The flowers/plant are for display only and must not be eaten"
We recommend you not to place your flowers or plants on an unprotected surface.
If you get pollen on your clothes, please do not rub but use sellotape to remove by placing sticky side on top of stain and peel off.


Olive is very ancient Mediterranean culture plant. It can live up to 2,000 years of age, an evergreen container plant with good resistance.
Flowering time: spring. 
Fruits: In summer, fruit can be harvested in autumn. 
Position: Please place it in a cool, light room for dormant period.
Care: Water regularly. Give fertiliser during growing period. Prune back long shoots regularly.


​Position: Part shady position.
Care: Water regularly. Keep the soil moist, fertilize once a month. 



Flowering time: Non-flowering
Position: Full sun to part shade.
Care: Water regularly. Keep the soil moist.